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Applied Bayesian Analysis

Here are slides created for a fast-paced 8-hour introductory workshop/short course on the application of modern Bayes analysis using the WinBUGS/OpenBUGS software.  This material is at a BS level and can serve as a first look at Bayesian statistics.  More complete material (at an MS level) is available on this site here.

Front Matter-BasicBayesModule0

  1. A Simple Discrete Example of the “Bayes Paradigm”-BasicBayesModule1
  2. A (Relatively) Simple Continuous Example of the “Bayes Paradigm”-BasicBayesModule2
  3. Bayes Computation via Markov Chain Monte Carlo (or “What if I can’t Do Multivariate Calculus?” )-BasicBayesModule3
  4. A First Look at WinBUGS/OpenBUGS and Practical Bayes Computation-BasicBayesModule4
  5. An Example of What Can Go Wrong With Gibbs and More on Diagnostics-BasicBayesModule5
  6. Some One-Sample Normal Examples-BasicBayesModule6
  7. Some Multivariate Normal Examples-BasicBayesModule7
  8. Some Multi-Sample Examples-BasicBayesModule8

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